Who we are

The Seychelles Media Commission is the media regulator in Seychelles. It is a body corporate established by the Seychelles Media Commission Act 2010, which was approved by the National Assembly of Seychelles on the 21st December 2010.

The Board consists of a Chairperson and eight other members, five of which are appointed by the President based on nominations by the Seychelles Association of Media Practitioners in Seychelles, the National Assembly, the Judiciary, the Department of Information and the Citizens Engagement Platform Seychelles (CEPS). The Chairperson is sellected by the Constitutional Appointments Authority. The Three other members are persons of good standing, are appointed directly by the President.The Commission is led by a Chief Executive officer.


The objectives of the Seychelles Media Commission is to preserve the freedom of the media, promote private print and broadcast/electronic media, improve and maintain standards of journalism in Seychelles, require publishers of newspapers, radio and television broadcasters, news agencies and journalists to respect human dignity, freedom from discrimination on any grounds except as are necessary in a democratic society, and to maintain high standards of integrity and good taste.


To be recognised as the leading body upholding the citizens’ right to accurate and truthful information and protecting them from malicious and defamatory actions from the media while at the same time championing the cause of press freedom and responsible journalism.