Dr Marie-Reine Hoareau
Dr Marie-Reine Hoareau Chairperson
Nominated by Civil Society
Mrs Rose-Mary ELIZABETHMember
Ms Alexandria FAURE
Nominated by the National Assembly
Ms Alexandria FAURE Member
Mrs. Rosa Morin
Nominated by the Department of Information
Mrs. Rosa MorinMember
Mrs. Mina Crea
Person of Good Standing
Mrs. Mina CreaMember
Mr. Divino Sabino
Nominated by the Judiciary
Mr. Divino SabinoMember
Mrs. Sonia Mancienne
Person of Good standing
Mrs. Sonia MancienneMember
Mrs. Sharon Uranie
Nominated by the Association of Media Practitioners in Seychelles
Mrs. Sharon UranieMember
Mr. Jeffrey Dogley
Person of Good Standing
Mr. Jeffrey DogleyMember